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Pete Shreck Email


Saw you guys at Riffy's last night. You guys were great!

Michael J Downey Email

Bill Cant wait to come see you and the band play SOON I HOPE
Good Luck



Caught you guys at Starland opening for the Outlaws gonna come see you with Tucker Too.. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

The Hooty's Email


I witnessed a Miracle last night. First let me start by saying I met Dave one of the Guitarists for SS on Skynyrds Simpleman cruise. We sat at the same Dinner Table and we were amazed we were both from Jersey and immediately something clicked between me, my wife and Dave and his wife. He talked of his band ( not bragged ) just simply talked and said you guys will have to come down and see us play sometime and we assured him we would. He told us of his band being a Southern Rock Tribute band. Well last night we had the good fortune of seeing them open for the Outlaws at the Starland Ballroom. Unfortunately because they were one of 3 opening bands, their time werse very limited to only 5 songs. I forget what song they opened with, their second song was Call me the Breeze and the third song was one of my Personal Favorites by Molly Hatchet called Dreams.By then I was telling all our friends that came with us I felt like I was on the Skynyrd Cruise again because them songs they played were played by their respective groups on the cruise previousely. I werse in Heaven. I forgot the fourth song and they finished their set with Whippin Post by the Allman Brothers. The only downside to the band werse that since they were an opening act they did not play a full set which I am sure many of you here have witnessed and loved. TRUST ME we will see the full show I PROMISE!!!!! Southern Steel you DEFINITELY made believers out of us last nite and you have two new followers, the Hooty's but then again when we go to concerts there could be one extra or ten extra in our group and when we can we will bring them with us. We got there EARLY and I had the chance to tell the band members to tell Dave that we were there. Well after the doors opened Dave and his LOVELY wife came up to me handed me two of his guitar picks one for me and one for my wife and I was so IMPRESSED that he would take his time to remember us and come and talk to us personally.But most of all out of the three opening bands Southern Steel outdistanced them by at least 200 miles. They are good enough to be the HEADLINER at the Starland and not an opening act. Trust me the Hootys go to a lot of concerts and we know good music, well Southern Steels music wasn't good, IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their music made me happy, when they played I didn't have a care in the world, not a pain in my body, nothin mattered but me, the band, and the Music and when I reach that Plateau I call it Rock and Roll Heaven. Thanks for puttin me there Southern Steel. I am sorry for such a long post but when I write about something I really love I put my Heart into it



I am so pumped to see these guys thiscoming Sat in South Amboy YeeHaw some southern fried rock & roll!!!!!

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