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David Fabian Email

Greetings from wonderful South Carolina, home to The Marshall Tucker Band, neighbor to The Allman Brothers, up the street from Molly Hatchett, Outlaws, Lynyrd Skynyrd. What can I say, we had the best of the best.
Was writing to see now that you have enlisted a great ax-man in Bobby Anderson, when his bio may be posted. I have known Bobby for over 30 yrs and have worked with him from Japan to New York and then gots his roots dug into this southern soil and its all history from there. I am trying to make arrangements to get up there for at least one Hatchett gig and an Outlaws gig as well. We will see. Until then, keep rockin' Soutern Style!

Chris Parker Email


How you doin, brother? John OK? Haven't seen you two in...shit, I don't even want to think about how many years. I watched a guy sing "Whipping Post" on American Idle and googled you. Read your bio on a different web page...the mention of "Idlewild South" brought a huge smile to my face. Playing at The Pony & Mrs. Jays...good old days! I hope you're doing well. I don't keep in touch with too many guys from my NJ days, but you are one character that I truly miss. Please give my best to John and any others we used to run with.

BTW, I've got a bunch of orthopedic issues, but I'm still the only guy around who can kick your ass in an arm wrestle!

Living in TX, but you can bet your ass I'm coming to see you perform next time I'm in NJ.

Take care, brother. All the best.


Janice Liberti Email

Please email me your upcoming shows!  Thank you.

Alan Goldberg Email

For yours and photos of other bands please follow this link:

Bob Tarr 

Went to YouTube to see how some old friends are doing & found out you're doin just fine.  Your drummer is OUTSTANDING!  He plays his ass off.  You guys are good!

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